The Success Of Safety Coins

  • May 13, 2021

These tangible and customizable coins will help remind everyone of safety in the workplace.


Workplace safety is and should be a priority for all, no matter their industries, locations, sizes or jobs. In order to promote this, many brands have safety programs, reminders and/or incentives.


A unique way companies and organizations can create safe environments is with safety coins.  


How Safety Coins Work

Once an employee has completed training centered around safety on the job, they are given a safety coin. Going forward, employers can regularly ask them if they have their coin with them. If so, they can receive a reward, such as a gift card, a pair of earbuds, a T-shirt or a food/drink gift set. If not, then a discussion about safety can take place. 


Why Safety Coins Work

These imprinted items will be carried in pockets. They may be displayed on desks. They will be seen often, as they are kept near items such as keys and cellphones. And each time an employee is reminded of the coin, they will also be reminded of how important it is to be safe, well and smart at work and beyond.  


Examples Of Safety Coins


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