Your Source for American Made Promotional Products and Ad Specialties: About Us is a third-generation, women-owned family-owned business that specializes in safety awards, safety incentive programs and safety reminders.
We are dedicated to helping you find the best safety incentive items and safety awards to fit your budget and your needs.
Safety Programs: We've got protective eyewear and headwear, reflective clothing and more!
Safety Rewards: We have over 500,000 custom printed safety gifts--ranging from electronics (power banks, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, selfie sticks, flashlights, etc.) to coolers, backpacks, flashlights, knives and more...all with your logo or safety message printed on them.
Safety Incentives: We have dozens of online and gift book solutions for any points program you may be looking at.  Call us for details.
Safety Reminders: Promotional items, ad specialties, branded merch, safety swag, promo stuff, gimmes, swag,shwag, knick knacks, tschotchkes-- call them what you like -- we have dedicated ourselves to finding these promotional and marketing tools to keep safety top of mind for all employees.
Need Union-Made products?  We also have over 100,000 Union-Made items on our website.
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Thank you for the past 61 years. Looking forward to the next 61...and beyond!