Employees are Wanting Better Quality Safety Gifts & Rewards

  • Mar 12, 2021

No More Safety Eyewear & Vests for Safety Incentive Rewards

Austin, Texas:  Our job is to help factories, mills, and other businesses find the right safety incentive gifts for their employees. The gifts are often awarded for quarterly rewards, driven miles or days without an accident, etc.


Employers first choices in safety rewards are usually ( in order): safety eyewear, safety vests, safety ear/head protection, thermoses and flashlights.

However, your Employees are demanding better and cooler rewards... and they deserve them!


I personally think the safety equipment should be provided to all employees - either at cost or for free.  Same for replacement gear. It is a cost of doing business.


If you really want to motivate your workforce, then your should go out of your way to excite them  (and their families) with branded merchandise that will inspire. Give them something to earn towards.


Some of the most popular gifts that we are seeing with employers that understand that safety gear does not motivate and change behaviors are:

  1. Bluetooth Speakers: People will want to bring these to the beach, outdoor for picnics, on the job site, etc.
  2. Headphones and Earbuds: Let your employees jam to their favorite music -- or listen to their calm apps in their free time
  3. Phone Chargers: Nobody likes to be without power
  4. Ice Chests and Can Coolers: Everyone likes to cool off after a log day or work week
  5. Backpacks & Duffel Bags: Ideal for tools, clothes & gear

Companies that are offering these premium gifts are coming back to us with great results-- as evidenced by the way they keep asking us for the newest and latest gifts each quarter.

It is time to stop selecting the same quarterly safety rewards-- and try to anticipate what your employees really want.  I have sat through so many safety meetings where the boss is leading their employees to choose a safety "gift: that nobody really wants to try to go over and above the call of duty to earn.


Test out the results of offering better gifts for your next safety incentive campaign-- and measure the difference for yourself.


I think you will find that these gifts will pay for themselves many, many times over.


Here's to safer workforce!