The Surgeon General’s Framework For Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being

  • Jan 20, 2023

Prioritize employees with the U.S. Surgeon General’s guidelines and with custom employee appreciation gifts. 


When it comes to American workers, almost 80% have at least one mental health condition symptom, and the same percentage shared that they want workplaces that support employee’s well-being.


Therefore, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of the Surgeon General released a Framework For Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being


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The framework is made up of five essentials, and each is based on two human needs:


Essentials Human Needs
Protection From Harm   Safety & Security 
Connection & Community  Social Support & Belonging 
Work-Life Harmony  Autonomy & Flexibility 
Mattering At Work  Dignity & Meaning 
Opportunity For Growth Learning & Accomplishment

All places of work must prioritize these ideas…to protect employees, foster collaboration, allow freedoms, recognize wins, and encourage development. To begin, consider the following categories of employee appreciation gifts. They can all be customized with the name, logo, and colors of companies/organizations, and they all serve as reminders; they remind workers of their value and importance, showing acknowledgement and care. 


logo compassSafety gear, of course, exists as a workplace precaution. Some jobs require wearing items like protective eyewear, reflective vests, and hard hats, and these products can come in handy during other times; recipients can wear reflective clothing while walking at night or earplugs while at concerts.


Tech gifts, in today’s modern world, provide an extra level of protection. There are go-to products that are handy for everyone to have around, such as flashlights, power banks, and key trackers. These can be kept in vehicles, homes, and desks, all in case of emergencies. 


Outdoor gear is another category that includes employee gifts that double as safety features. As with the technological promo products above, things like blankets, compasses, and umbrellas may not be needed all the time, but people sure are thankful when they are needed and they have them. 


Tools can help thank teams, such as custom-printed multi-tools, lighters, and knives, which can be used at work, at home, or while on the go.keychain hand sanitizer with logo


Health and wellness products should also be considered, and some top suggestions include personalized first aid kits, keychain hand sanitizer, and travel sunscreen.


All of these logo gifts can help employers follow the Surgeon General’s Framework For Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being, and more selections are available through Safety Incentives Plus.


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