PPE Safety Bundles

  • Jun 1, 2020

Everyone—now, more than ever—needs safety gear like the following at work, during their commutes and at home.


For months, there have been go-to items that customers are shopping for, that businesses are requiring and that are brands are promoting: Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is crucial right now, during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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A smart way for organizations and companies to do their part is to provide employees, clients and fans with PPE safety bundles. These kits can come equipped with gear such as hand sanitizer and masks, and all the products can be customized with names, logos, designs and colors. 

ppe kit

For instance, the Stock Up PPE Kit comes with 100 single-use masks, one non-contact infrared thermometer and five bottles of hand sanitizer, all in a large cargo box. This could be kept at the front of the office, for when teams return to work, or sent to clients, as a way to show appreciation and promote safety.


The Grab & Go PPE Kit includes 25 single-use masks, two bottles of sanitizer and a package of sanitizing wipes, and all of these components come inside a cotton lunch cooler. Employees will feel a little more at ease after being gifted these bundles. 


For customers and followers, consider the Commuter PPE Kit, with its 25 masks, bottles of hand sanitizer and disposable wipes in a zippered tote. This can easily be carried along with a person each day on the bus, in cabs and during flights. 


Hand sanitizer, tissues in a resealable pouch, a face mask, a pair of gloves and a stylus pen are the products that come in the Out & About PPE Kit. brands who give these away and hand these out will definitely be thanked. 


Another way to welcome people back to work is with the Personal Protection PPE Kit; it includes hand sanitizer, cleansing towelettes, soap lotion and a hygiene guide.


There is also the Family PPE Kit, and it comes with a three-ply face mask, device wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a hygiene employee booklet, gloves, cleansing wipes, tissue packs, soap and lotion. Personalized with a logo, these are the perfect items to hand out, especially right now. 

ppe bundle



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