Celebrate Occupational Safety & Health Week

  • Apr 25, 2023

The start of May is the perfect time to check in on and improve employee safety and employee wellness!


Each year, during the first full week of May, North American Occupational Safety & Health Week is observed. This is a time to – even more than usual – remind everyone of the importance of protecting workers and promoting wellness. 


This is important to all brands in all industries, as, around the world, about 340 million workplace accidents happen each year. In addition to the toll this takes on the injured employees, it negatively affects employers, too. Productivity can decrease, there may have to be new hires, overall business (such as sales) can go down…The list goes on.


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A wise way to do this is with a workplace health program, which can:

-keep health and safety top of mind

-encourage participation

-reduce risks and accidents

-improve everything from productivity and collaboration to, well, the health and safety of workers!


To further promote and reward positive behavior, custom incentives can be used, such as:

-imprinted safety awards

-personalized snacks 

-branded safety gear

-logo-printed reminders (ranging from stress balls and tire gauges to first aid kits and sunscreen)


These safety incentives can be given out at a special end-of-the-year ceremony, as good behavior is noticed, when certain fitness goals are reached, at the start of a safety program…Whatever works best for your place of work, to help ensure that workers are taking steps to be safe and well. 


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