10 Reasons To Use Branded Buck Knives As Safety Program Incentive Rewards

  • Apr 18, 2023

Logo Buck knives -- quality, handy safety gear -- can lead to an overall safer place of work.


Buck® Bantam™ Blw Lockback KnifeWhen businesses/organizations utilize safety programs, they help prevent at-work accidents, injuries, and deaths. Oftentimes, rewards are offered as incentives in such programs.


An incentive reward should be something employees will actually want, as well as something that is actually useful, such as a Buck knife. Through Safety Incentives Plus, these pieces of safety equipment can be customized with a brand’s name, logo, and colors, making the gift even more special.


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With logo-printed Buck knives, you’re giving the gift of…


  1. Quality: These knives are known for their high quality, durability, and reliability, which make them a great way to incentive during safety programs.
  2. Utility: They are versatile, carried while camping, hunting, fishing, and beyond.Buck® Bantom™ BBW Blaze Orange Camouflage Lockback Knife
  3. Recognition: A custom-printed gift is a unique way to recognize employees who have demonstrated outstanding safety practices or gone above and beyond to ensure a safe workplace.
  4. Customization: Similarly, this imprinting can increase brand awareness and loyalty among employees.
  5. Personalization: This can be taken further by having the Buck knives personalized with the recipient’s, adding even more meaning.
  6. Tradition: Buck knives have a long and storied tradition in American culture, which can add a sense of nostalgia and heritage to the reward.
  7. Safety: The blade is versatile and represents sharpness, precision, and control–all of which are important qualities for workplace safety.
  8. Longevity: This is also a lasting reward that can be cherished for years to come, providing ongoing motivation and inspiration for employees to maintain safe practices.
  9. Universality: Additionally, they are universal rewards that can be appreciated by employees across different industries and job roles.
  10. Value: The perceived value of a branded Buck knife as an incentive will motivate teams to work harder and be more diligent about safety, which will, ultimately, lead to a safer and more productive workplace. 

Buck® Stockman® Knife

So work to keep employees safe, remind everyone to prioritize workplace safety, and shop for custom Buck knives here!

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