Prepare For The School Year With Safety Kits

  • Jul 14, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers, students and faculty members need to be equipped with safety kits, no matter what happens in the fall. 


Right now, there are a lot of discussions and opinions regarding if, how and when schools should start back up in the fall. Even though the novel coronavirus has led to a lot of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: Those who are in school or in the field of education need to be ready for anything. 


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Teaching and learning may look different in 2020, but teachers, students and faculty members should be equipped with necessary items that will help keep them safe throughout the school year and beyond. 


That being said, your company/organization can offer up and hand out custom-printed safety kits! These include medicines, sanitizers, PPE and other safety tools, as well as some fun back-to-school gifts, and they can all be branded with your logo and/or the school’s name and mascot. 


Cold & Flu Deluxe Safety Kit: This bundle includes one tissue pack, a disposable thermometer, Blistex medicated lip ointment, hand sanitizer and two antimicrobial wipes. 


Collegiate Kit: Perfect as a recruitment tool or a student welcome kit, this product includes a water bottle, drawstring backpack, carabiner and wooden nickel.


Fitness Kit: Promote health, fitness and safety with this drawstring backpack, towel, set of earbuds and water bottle.


Under-The-Weather Safety Kit: This product contains tissues, hand sanitizer, antimicrobial wipes, a thermometer, Emergen-C, Advil and Halls cough drops. 


Face Shield Face Mask Combo Set: Included here is a reusable face shield, a face mask and a 26-ounce Tritan sports bottle, all packed in a drawstring backpack.

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